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Budget and finances

The municipality’s annual budget is adopted by municipal elected officials each year at an extraordinary council meeting in mid-December.

Summary of the 2021 budget

Taxe foncière générale 267 246,00 General Property Tax
Taxe foncière service de police 37 413,00 Police Services Tax
Taxe foncière incendie/premiers répondants 56 916,00 Fire Services/1st Responders Tax
Taxe pour services municipaux 6 226,00 Municipal Services Tax
Enlèvement des ordures ménagères 22 071,00 Residential Garbage Removal
Enlèvement des ordures recyclables 6 327,00 Recyclable Garbage Removal
Enlèvement des matières organiques 14 218,00 Compost removal
Vidange fosses septiques 12 096,00 Emptying Septic Systems
Revenus de sources locales 32 350,00 Revenues from Local Sources
Transferts du Gouvernement 67 040,00 Government Transfers
Autres revenus 14 911,00 Other revenues
Total revenus 536 814,00 Total revenues
Appropriation of surplus 69 215,00
Administration générale 169 334,00 General Administration
Sécurité publique 99 509,00 Public Security
Transport et voirie 191 064,00 Transportation and Roads
Hygiène du milieu 84 676,00 Public Health
Urbanisme 42 246,00 Town Urban Planning
Loisirs et culture 19 200,00 Recreation and Culture
Total dépenses opérationels 606 029,00 Operating expenses

Awarded contracts

To view contracts and tenders over $100,000, you can go to the Government of Quebec’s Electronic Tender System by pressing the button below.

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